• A yoga teacher training is the finest education in knowing yourself with compassion, cultivating a resilient body, and achieving mental clarity. This multi-faceted exploration of the practice of living and teaching yoga will engage you in a process of aligning with your highest self.

    Our goal is to educate contemporary learners in the ancient teachings and practices of traditional natural healing systems from India that integrate mind, body and spirit.
    Our trainings provide an incredible opportunity to be with like-minded people, to come to know yourself, to connect to your true nature, to embrace new relationships and ideas and to acquire new tools to empower you to move through life with greater joy, passion and ease.

    Each course is a fulfilling and life-changing journey both for those who wish to teach yoga and those who are ready to embark on a personal journey of self-enquiry.

    HAMSA YOGA refund policy: Refunds, minus a $500.00 + HST Administration Fee, are available up until thirty (30) days before the starting date for 200 and 200+ Hour Hour Teacher Training Programs. No refunds or credits will be provided after that time.  For Teacher Training programs of shorter duration than a 200 Hour Program, refunds, minus a $300.00 + HST Administration Fee, are available up until fourteen (14) days prior to the starting date. 

    Hamsa Yoga is a designated yoga school, registered with Yoga Alliance (RYS 200).

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  • Look what our YTT Graduates had to say:

    "HAMSA YOGA Went above and beyond in providing the best YTT teacher, (Kathryn Anne Flynn) environment and support network in my opinion. Love to practice and teach at this studio!" - Kate O

    "My teacher training at Hamsa Yoga was an amazing and enriching experience!" - Robyn K

    "This was a very personalized training in a beautiful studio. The small class size ensured that we had ready access to the teacher as specific questions arose. The schedule (every second weekend) was manageable and allowed us to digest all that we learned. The lead instructor was not only knowledgeable and experienced, but also a wonderful teacher, who provided excellent resources. Finally, this is a really lovely studio with friendly and welcoming owners and staff, and an attached vegetarian cafe. The experience was incredibly rewarding and I honestly wouldn't have changed a thing." - Cara L

  • Meet Kathy, Hamsa Yoga 200 HR YTT Graduate

    "My YTT experience at Hamsa Yoga was nothing short of life changing. I came to the training believing that I would learn more about the history and philosophy of yoga, but primarily focused on Yoga Asana and teaching techniques. My practice prior to YTT was strong Vinyasa Flow, to match my always-busy mind and the frenetic pace of my life. Through my experiences not only with lead instructor Kathryn Flynn, but also Tiffany, Andrea, Erin, and Carey, I learned more about myself than I would have thought possible for someone who is solidly middle-aged. Some of the experiences involved deep soul searching, and some of them were painful. The process of YTT involves a level of assessment of one's own life, what is meaningful, and what is one's purpose, that cannot be summarized in a paragraph or two. I came out of it a stronger person both inside and out, a more confident person, and, more importantly, someone who understands better what Yoga truly is and who has an inner peace that I never experienced before.

    Many people say that the practice of Yoga can be deeply healing on an emotional, physical, and even spiritual level. The process of progressing through YTT goes far beyond this. It requires of you the willingness to honestly assess your deepest fears and insecurities, but to also realize that your posses and inner beauty, value, and light that has the ability to shine regardless of whether you ever do another Asana pose. I can truly say that I am a better person for having attended YTT, and Hamsa Yoga's YTT program truly prepared me to begin my journey as a Yoga Instructor with a solid foundation.

    Yoga Teacher Training is intense. There are a lot of reading and written assignments, in addition to the time spent in classes. However, the material is interesting, and if you are truly passionate about Yoga, it doesn't feel so much like work! I was able to balance a full time job and parenting responsibilities with the demands of YTT. There were some weekends when I was very tired, but the feeling of fulfillment that comes with each day completed balances the lack of sleep :-) If you have a partner or family member who can help out with some of the basic household duties, it really helps. But it is manageable.

    SInce I completed YTT, I have been able to combine my disability and counseling background with my teacher training to offer an Accessible Children's Yoga class in my hometown. I am also teaching weekly classes at a yoga studio near where I work. Transitioning from student to instructor is not something that miraculously happens once you receive your certificate. It is definitely an ongoing journey. Every class that I teach is a learning opportunity for me, to discover what is effective, what I need to improve, and how to "read" my students to see how they are reacting to the class. But I could not have been any more prepared to begin this journey than through the training I completed at YTT. I am looking forward to continuing to develop my skills in Children's Yoga and Yin." - Kathy

  • Meet Ginger, Hamsa Yoga 200Hr YTT Graduate:

    "Andrea Lacey Campbell and Tiffany Nixon assembled a stellar group of teachers for our 200 hour YTT this past Spring/Summer. From breathwork with Ruth Paulauskas to kids' yoga to power and restorative, I learned so many modalities and ways to help my students go deeper into their experiences in the present moment. I especially enjoyed Carey Carty meditation classes and resources.

    Our close-knit group of students grew so close through experiences like our final weekend retreat and graduation celebration. They will remain dear to my heart forever! After completing YTT in August, I began teaching all-level classes at two local universities, a chair yoga class for seniors, and yoga for a university hockey team. After presenting to the student government, I recently received funding to purchase props to teach an ongoing restorative yoga class for college students. My YTT prepared me with the materials and confidence to share my talents for public speaking and my love of spirit and exploration of consciousness with those in my community who are looking for more...

    I am Living the Dream, and couldn't be here now without Hamsa's Yoga Teacher Training. Thank you, thank you, thank you!" - Ginger

    Find out more about YTT here: https://www.hamsayogastudio.ca/200hrytt/

  • Meet Amanda, Hamsa Yoga YTT graduate 2019

    Confidence. Calm. Comfort. Curiosity.

    All of these, once foreign concepts to me. Now a goal for my everyday.

    I started my YTT with the intention of expanding my personal practice. I knew that I enjoyed Yoga, and I knew that I enjoyed how Yoga made me feel. And that to me, was worth exploring! So I dove into the 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training at Hamsa Yoga; signing up last minute (hello, fellow procrastinators), and am I ever glad that I did!

    I learned the basics of Yoga: it’s history, its philosophy, it’s many forms (including Yoga Wall!), anatomy, posture and movement, and many other essentials. But most importantly, I learned that Yoga extends beyond your mat. Its main intentions aren’t the shape of your body; but rather the shape that your body is in so that your mind can achieve peace. So that you can connect with your higher-self.

    Hamsa Yoga is the most magical place of discovery, growth and healing for many tired souls like my own. Our group of YTT students bonded over laughs and tears, and we really were (and still are) the greatest support system for each other. The teachers are warm, welcoming, honest, and relatable, and the studio feels like a second home.

    Filled with light and a sense of lightness, I graduated from my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training at Hamsa Yoga, and have been on the schedule ever since! Opportunities seem to find you when you open your heart to them.

    I am so blessed for the beauty that yoga has brought into my world and for the beautiful souls that I can now call family!

    More than asanas and “oms”. Yoga is more like a home.